Arcade Arcade

Keep your quarters in your piggy bank. This arcade is free! Play the games and check back for new games!


Finances 101 Logo

Finances 101

Play the Free online ‘Sim’ game that puts high school students into simulated real-life financial situations.



Shopaholic game

Shopaholic New York

Go on a shopping spree in New York City! You are on a budget, but shop carefully and hit the sales for cute outfits, jewelry, and hairstyles! Need more $$$? You can get a job! A fun way to learn how to shop on a budget!



Burger Arcade game

Burger Restaurant

Earn money at your new job in the Burger Restaurant. Be sure to get all the orders right!



Weapons of Math Destruction Game

Weapons of Math Destruction

Use your tank to destroy the enemy tanks with your math skills!



Fish Money Game

Fish Money

Cast your line for gold and use your booty to buy goods at the store in this funĀ game.



Hip Pocket Change Games

Games and Cartoons from the U.S. Mint

Play fun games that involve money and coins and watch cartoons about how coins are made at H.I.P. Pocket Changeā„¢, brought to you by the United States Mint.