Hire your kids for the summer

One mom gave her kids a “Summer Job” to teach them about money

School is almost out, but one mom has a great idea to keep kids learning all summer… while keeping the house clean! With classes ending for break, your kids will have a lot of time on their hands. No classes during the day… And no homework in the evening. Here is a simple way that

What is a Savings Account? explains to kids what a Savings Account is, why saving money is a good idea, and the benefits of a savings Account at a bank or credit union.  Share this free simple video on your social media and websites to help kids learn smart financial practices.  

Woman using debit card

Five ways you are wasting your money

You can save yourself hundreds, even thousands, of dollars each year by eliminating these five bad habits, according to the Ohio Credit Union League. “The best advice any financial advisor can give is to look for ways to cut back and save,” said Patrick Harris, of the Ohio Credit Union League. “The best way to do

rainy day savings

Five ways to save money for a rainy day

A study of family finances by several government agencies reveals that only 38 percent of adults nationwide have established an “emergency fund” to fall back on during tough times. Are the remaining 62% of Americans one paycheck short of financial collapse? According to a survey by the Ohio Credit Union League, more Ohioans are saving

College Students

Money do’s and don’ts for new college students and their parents

If you know students who are headed to campus this year, do them a favor: Tell them now what they probably will wish they’d known when they left home. Make sure they understand how to track their spending and manage their finances before setting foot on campus, say Credit Union National Association Center for Personal