Coloring Pages

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Online Coloring Page Dollar BillOnline Coloring Page – Dollar Bill

Color this Dollar Bill any way you want to on your device with your touchscreen or mouse!!
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Online Coloring Page – Piggy Bank

Color this cute piggy bank on your device with your touchscreen or mouse!
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Online Coloring Page Daisy SavesOnline Coloring Page – Daisy Saves

Color Daisy on your device with your touchscreen or mouse!
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Lemonade Stand Coloring Pages

Summer Lemonade Stand Activity

Print our free Lemonade Stand Activity, including helpful instructions on how to set up a stand and how to earn profits. It also includes a coloring page and sign to put on your stand!
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Daisy’s Savings

Help Daisy count all of her coins and color them.
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Snowflake the Snowman

Count the snowflakes and color the snowman.

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Snowman on Skis

Color this cute snowman and count the snowflakes

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Snow Shovel Snowman

This snowman has a big job shoveling the snow. Help him count the snowflakes and color the page.

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Sunny Money Coins ActivitySunny Money’s Coin Match

Match the front of the coins to the back of the coins, then color it!
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Snowman Fun!

Count the snowflakes and color the snowman.
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Hoops Oops Activity

Hoops ‘Oops’!

Jamie Jumps, the most famous basketball player on the Moneyville Savers team, forgot to take his coins out of his pockets before he started the game! When he jumped up for a slam dunk, his Quarters, Dimes, Nickels and Pennies flew all over the court! Count his coins, add them up and write down how much money he has, then color the picture!
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School Supplies Activity page

School Store Sale

The Store is having a sale on school supplies! Match the coins to the school supply prices, then color the page!
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Maze Activity Page

Savings Road Map Maze

Drive your way to savings without getting trapped by extra spending in this fun maze!
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Petshop Activity Page

Pet Shop Coloring Page

You got $100 for your birthday! You save $50 and have $50 to spend at the Pet Shop! Which animals will you buy?
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Piggy Dropped Coins Activity

Oops! Piggy Bank dropped his coins

Color the coins different colors, then add them up.
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Piggy Bank

Color this silly piggy bank and write what you are saving for.
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Puppy Coloring Page

My New Puppy

Color this cute puppy, name it, and pick out the items that you want to buy for it.
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