Financial Lessons


Free Financial Lessons for Classroom and Home

MoneyAndStuff.info provides this content to help educators and parents teach kids of all ages about finances. These Financial Lessons can be used in classrooms, homes, or in other groups of kids and teens.

Each lesson is available in Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Lesson 1: Money Matters

General lessons on personal financial topics and money handling.

Lesson 2: Savings & Budgeting

Budgeting is one of the most important aspects of smart financial management. Get lessons and activities for all ages.

Lesson 3: Credit Concepts

Using credit and borrowing money can be a smart, but but you have to know how to do it responsibly.

Lesson 4: Future Goals

Planning for the future is critical to smart money management.

Lesson 5: Investing

Make your money work for you with smart investing decisions.

BizKid$ Lessons

The free BizKid$ online curriculum includes instructions on how to teach Biz Kid$ lessons to children.