Lesson 2: Saving and Budgeting


Teaching Your Preschooler To Not Lose Money

(Source: CUNA Thrive By Five)

Teach your preschooler the basic lessons about money with the Credit Union National Association’s Thrive by Five curriculum. Available in English and Spanish.

Teach preschoolers not to lose money [PDF]

Enseñar a los preescolares a no perder dinero [PDF]



Allowance Budgeting Lesson Plan

(Source: MoneyAndStuff.info)
Time/Duration: 1 Hour/Class period

This lesson plan is designed to help students develop the attitudes and skills needed to achieve personal finance success. They will learn the implications of sound financial decision-making and how to create and manage a budget that includes a savings component.

How to Become a Millionaire

(Source: MoneyMath – Unit 1)

Designed for kids in grades 5-8, this lesson plan includes age-appropriate lessons that explain concepts of budgeting and saving money so they can purchase items.

BizKid$ Curriculum

Teachers, parents, credit union staff and volunteers can use the financial education curriculum below. The online curriculum includes instructions on how to teach Biz Kid$ lessons to children. Five core Biz Kid$ lesson plans in expanded formats in both English and Spanish are available. The curriculum can be downloaded, unzipped, and then burned to CD for distribution.



Budgeting: Making the Most of Your Money

(Source: NEFE Unit Two)

Get smart about the money you earn and the money you spend. You will see where all your money goes, decide if that’s how you want to continue spending it, and make a plan to buy the things that are really important to you.