Lesson 3: Credit Concepts


Teaching Your Preschooler About Money

(Source: Thrive By Five)

Teach your preschooler the basic lessons about money with the Credit Union National Association’s Thrive by Five curriculum.

How can I teach my preschooler about earning money?

¿Cómo le puedo eseñar a mi niño de edad preescolar a ganar dinero?



Junior Achievement’s Economics for Success

(Source: JA Economics for Success)

JA Economics for Success explores personal finance and students’ education and career options based on their skills, interests, and values. It also demonstrates the economic benefits of staying in school. Six required, volunteer-led activities.

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BizKid$ Curriculum

Teachers, parents, credit union staff and volunteers can use the financial education curriculum at the link above. The online curriculum includes instructions on how to teach Biz Kid$ lessons to children. Five core Biz Kid$ lesson plans in expanded formats in both English and Spanish are available. The curriculum can also be downloaded, unzipped, and then burned to CD or other digital format for distribution.



Good Debt, Bad Debt: Using Credit Wisely

(Source: NEFE Unit 4)

Designed for teens and new graduates, this lesson plan teaches older teens about the benefits and pitfalls of credit cards and loans.