Financial Road Map

Financial Road Map

Free materials include a Powerpoint classroom presentation, instructor notes and student worksheet

This activity is designed specifically for a classroom setting and it will help students gain the skills needed to navigate future financial situations in a successful manner.

Students are assigned a job, a spouse and monthly wages. Each slide requires students to add a line item to their spending plan, i.e. budget worksheet. Some financial options are determined by the number and suit that is on the card distributed before the activity.

While others require students to select an option that best fits their budget and family size, such as living arrangements, transportation, utilities, clothing, and luxury items. Students will also be provided with a credit score, which will be used to determine their loan payments.

At the end of the activity, students have an opportunity to review their financial status and make two changes, in an attempt to improve their financial situation.

The activity should be lead by an instructor, slide by slide, so participants can hear and respond to the instructions that accompany each slide. Materials needed include a computer, projector, a deck of cards, and copies of the spending plan worksheet.


Download the materials (Right-click on link and select “Save As”)

Materials are available to credit unions at no charge. 

Powepoint Presentation (.ppt file – Includes instructor notes with each slide)

Game Worksheet in Word Format

Game Worksheet in PDF Format