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Are you an Elected Official or staffmember? We have a section just for you! is a free financial website from the experts at Ohio’s credit unions.

It was created by the Ohio Credit Union League in part to help educators meet financial literacy standards set by The State of Ohio. Our free lesson plans, activities, and other resources are available to educators, community groups, parents and students.

From The State of Ohio:

Ohio requires high schools to provide instruction in economics and financial literacy in a stand-alone course or within another course such as social studies or mathematics. In 2012, the State Board of Education approved Ohio’s Learning Standards in financial literacy to assist Ohio districts in fulfilling this requirement. These standards include 27 content statements that define essential knowledge and skills.

Since the adoption of these standards, Ohio educators worked with the Department to develop model curriculum to assist schools in including financial literacy in high school, as well as earlier grades. How and when districts integrate instruction based on the standards remains a local decision.

Read more about the State’s Financial Literacy Learning Standards.


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