Monthly Activity Packets

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Monthly Activity Packets

Ohio’s Credit Unions want to make it EASY for you to help kids and teens learn about personal finances. We have compiled Monthly Activity Packets for you to print and use at home, in class, or anywhere you supervise young people. These packets include Coloring Pages, Activities, and Lesson Plans that increase understanding of basic math and financial concepts.

You can find many more of these items throughout our site, so please explore using the menu above!

January Activity & Lesson Packet

Snowman Coloring/Activity Pages, Budgeting Lesson Worksheets, Income/Expenses Activity, Recommended Books.


February Activity & Lesson Packet

Valentine’s Day Coloring/Activity Page, Spending/Saving Lesson for Young Children, Check-Writing Basics, Recommended Books.


March Activity & Lesson Packet

Basketball Coloring/Activity Page, Spending/Saving Lesson for Young Children, Recommended Books.


April Activity & Lesson Packet

Bunny Coloring/Activity Page, Make Family Money Craft, The Secret To Becoming A Millionaire Lesson, Recommended Books.


May Activity & Lesson Packet

Coin-Counting Coloring/Activity Page, Coupons Activity, Recommended Books.


June Activity & Lesson Packet

Lemonade Stand/Activity Page, Recommended Books.


July Activity & Lesson Packet

Coins Coloring Page, Coin Activity, Recommended Books.


August Activity & Lesson Packet

Summer of Money Coloring Page, Low-Cost Summer Fun Ideas, Recommended Books.


September Activity & Lesson Packet

Back To School Coloring/Activity Page, Coins & Cup Activity, Recommended Books.


October Activity & Lesson Packet

Savings Coloring/Activity Page, Activity, Recommended Books.


November Activity & Lesson Packet

Fall Coloring/Activity Page, Thanksgiving Activity, Recommended Books.


December Activity & Lesson Packet

Fall Coloring/Activity Page, Thanksgiving Activity, Recommended Books.