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Support from America's credit unions extends
NEFE's High School Financial Literacy training to 5.4 million students

Credit unions committed to instilling responsible financial habits in young people

MADISON, Wis. - In just under a decade, the credit union movement has helped nearly 5.4 million high school students receive financial literacy training through its support of the National Endowment for Financial Education's (NEFE) High School Financial Planning Program (HSFPP).

Since the initial agreement between the Credit Union National Association and NEFE took effect during the 1999-2000 school year, the America's Credit Union logo has been prominently displayed on the program's financial planning materials, which have been distributed to 5,373,000 students nationwide.

CUNA, with help from Co-op Financial Services, has provided monetary support for the continued distribution of these free materials.

Additionally, credit unions and leagues have personally worked with NEFE to bring the HSFPP to more than 600,000 students since the 2000-2001 academic year - the first year CUNA began tracking credit unions' participation.

"The successful partnership between NEFE and credit unions would not be possible unless Co-op Financial Services stepped up to the plate and helped provide the funding needed to get this program into the hands of more high school students," said Mark Condon, CUNA's senior vice president of business and consumer publishing, whose department
supervises the partnership with NEFE.

"One of most reliable partners has been Co-op's President and CEO Stan Hollen, whose belief in the importance of financial education has never wavered, particularly now when the need to improve the rate of financial literacy has never been more obvious."

NEFE developed this free program in 1984 in response to studies indicating high school students' lack of financial knowledge as they graduate and move into the "real world."

The HSFPP student guide offers basic instruction to teenagers about such topics as personal finance planning, career/work factors and earnings potential, saving and spending money, investing, using credit wisely, protecting assets and identity, and obtaining and using financial services. It also teaches students to develop and maintain a personal spending and savings plan.

The seven-unit program is easily integrated into many standard classroom subjects.

NEFE offers the program in partnership with CUNA and America's Credit Unions; the United States Department of Agriculture-Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service; and participating Land-Grant University Cooperative Extension Services.

For more information about NEFE's HSFPP, visit CUNA''s NEFE Page.

“I want to commend the credit unions for stepping up to the plate.” - State Senator Lance Mason

“The educational tools of MoneyAndStuff will keep students from getting into a personal financial crisis.” - State Senator Tom Sawyer

“Ohio’s credit unions, teachers, and maybe more importantly parents, are taking on this initiative to make a difference in people’s lives.” - State Senator Tom Sawyer

“I support your efforts. [Financial education] is an area that needs a lot more effort than it is currently getting.” - State Senator Dale Miller

“I want to thank the Ohio Credit Union League and Ohio credit unions for extending their hand to educators, students, parents, and legislators by creating MoneyAndStuff.” - State Representative Ron Gerberry

“MoneyAndStuff is so critically important for not only the students, but also the parents. It’s a great resource. I will be talking about it wherever I go.” - State Senator Theresa Fedor

“Financial education in every school has been needed for a long, long time. What you (credit unions) are about here is good for America.” - Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

“I hope every child has a real account in a credit union or a virtual account.” - Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

“It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you save.” - Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur

“My hat is off to the credit unions for doing this.” - Congressman Steve Chabot

“As a former teacher, I particularly like the effort to reach out to parents and educators.” - Congressman Steve Chabot

“It makes good sense that you are trying to get to kids at a very young age, so my hat is off to all of you.” - Congressman Steve Chabot

“ is just fantastic. I can’t wait to let my kids get on that site! It will be a great help in shaping our future for kids.” - Teacher Sandy Carter

“I was so excited when I first learned about the MoneyAndStuff Web site that I was on it until 2:00 a.m. And it was a school night!” - Teacher Sandy Carter

“This is a wonderful Web site. We look forward to using it here at our school.” - Assistant Principal Lin Yates