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Newly redesigned website is a free financial education supersource for parents, kids and educators

Ohio’s credit unions have launched a completely redesigned version of the popular website to meet the financial education needs of today’s kids, educators and parents. The free lesson plans, activities, coloring pages and other resources are available to educators, community groups, parents and students of all ages anywhere, anytime. Your credit credit union exists to help you improve your financial health. is another way to fulfill our mission. The new site is designed to be easy to use on every device, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. And it’s easier than ever to share the content on social media.The site includes new information to address today’s use of online banking and debit cards. Other new features include online coloring pages and ex plainer videos to reach today’s Internet-savvy kids. Other resources include a long list of money-themed books for every age, online arcade games, printable coloring pages, and fun activities for classrooms and home. We invite you to explore to learn about smart ways to manage your money and to teach children of all ages about finances.

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Get FREE financial education resources, games, coloring pages & more from your #creditunion at the new

Print FREE coloring pages that help kids learn about money at #financialeducation #creditunions

Play free online arcade games that help kids learn about money at #financialeducation #creditunions

#FollowFriday Follow Ohio #creditunions free Financial Education Supersource @moneyandstuff for tips, videos & more

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