Money Videos

Enjoy these money videos with activities, games and lessons.


What is a Savings Account? explains to kids what a Savings Account is, why saving money is a good idea, and the benefits of a savings Account at a bank or credit union.

Help Teens Create a Budget Worksheet

Lead teens through the process to make a simple weekly budget. This practical exercise teaches the fundamental way to track money, encourage savings, and prevent overspending. Print a detailed printable budget worksheet for teens.


Coin Roll Game Teaches Kids About Money

This fun and simple game for elementary-aged kids needs only some spare change and dice. It’s an enjoyable way to teach kids about the value of money and improve skills that help them make change. Read instructions and find more activities like this.


Fold a Dollar Bill into an Origami Shirt

A fun way to start a discussion about money, hand out allowance, or leave a unique tip at a restaurant.


What would you do with $100?

We asked fourth graders at Indianola Alternative School in Columbus what they would do with $100. What would you do?