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Keep your quarters in your piggy bank. This arcade is free! Play the games and check back for new games!

Beat the Banker

Beat The Banker

You've watched the hit game show with Howie, now play it online

Play Finances 101

Finances 101

Play the Free online 'Sim' game that puts high school students into simulated real-life financial situations.

Shopaholic New York

Go on a shopping spree in New York City! You are on a budget, but shop carefully and hit the sales for cute outfits, jewelry, and hairstyles! Need more $$$? You can get a job! A fun way to learn how to shop on a budget!

Burger Restaurant

Burger Restaurant

Earn money at your new job in the Burger Restaurant. Be sure to get all the orders right!

Shop Til You Drop

Shop Til You Drop

Take a trip to the grocery and catch the food in your cart. But only catch what's on your shopping list!

Math Destruction

Weapons of Math Destruction

Use your tank to destroy the enemy tanks with your math skills!


Fish Money

Cast your line for gold and use your booty to buy goods at the store in this addicting game. This game has a few mispellings in it, but it is so fun, we've added it anyway!


MoneyAndStuff.info Quiz

Match wits with your Quiz Master, Chet Cheezeball. How fast can you correctly answer his 10 money questions? Try the quiz again and again to see if you can beat your own score!


MoneyAndStuff Mall Match 'Em

Match the items that you want to buy as you view their prices. Match them all to reveal a hidden picture.


MoneyAndStuff Change-Up!

Drag and drop the coins in the right order to match all coins in columns and rows in Money And Stuff's addictive coin-counting game!


MoneyAndStuff Sudoku Challenge

To organize your finances, you need to make sure all your income and expenses are in the right places. Get a little practice with your numbers in our MoneyAndStuff.info Sudoku Challenge!


Games and Cartoons from the U.S. Mint

Play fun games that involve money and coins and watch cartoons about how coins are made at H.I.P. Pocket Change™, brought to you by the United States Mint.

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90% of Americans who own pets also buy their animals Christmas gifts.

According to a poll, most people won't pick up money lying on the sidewalk unless it is at least a dollar.

Five percent of lottery ticket buyers buy 51% of all tickets sold.

People leave bigger tips on sunny days than they do on dreary days.

A typical $1 bill lasts about 22 months before it needs to be replaced.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing produces 38 million notes a day (about $541 million). 95% of that is used to replace old bills.

About 48% of the bills printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing are $1 bills.

Martha Washington is the only woman whose portrait has appeared on a U.S. currency note (a $1 Silver Certificate in 1886, 1891 & 1896).

If you had one billion dollars and spent $1,000 a day, it would take you 2,749 years to spend it all.

A Quarter has 119 grooves on its edge, one more than a dime.

There is a tiny "spider" hidden in the top right corner on the front of a one dollar bill (on the shield of the "1").

"Novus Ordo Seclorum" - the Latin phrase shown below the pyramid on the one dollar bill - means "New Order of The Ages".

Coins usually survive in circulation for about 30 years.

A nickel is the only U.S. coin that is called by its metal content, even though it is only 25 percent nickel (the rest is copper).